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Cats fed every 2 weeks
Dogs fed every 2 weeks

How PetFoodDude started

I was not always the PetFoodDude, but I have always been an animal lover and had pets of my own. I am the guy that cannot pass a friendly dog or cat without greeting it, sharing a treat, or offering some pets. During the the COVID pandemic, I became concerned about pet owners who were out of work, or unable to get to the store. If people were struggling, so were their animal friends. Opportunity knocked when I saw someone on Facebook Marketplace selling cases of wet cat food for a low price of $10 for twenty-four cans. I thought, “What if I bought ten cases and then advertised on an Oakdale webpage that I have cat food to donate to low-income seniors having a hard time making ends meet?” That plan lasted for about two months when one of my donors asked if I considered providing dog food as well. The very next day, I began to research where I could find both dog and cat food at discount prices. One of my cat food clients knew an amazing local resident with a small business who provided a generous discount on torn bags of dog food. Even the local branch of a national chain, Tractor Supply, agreed to offer a similar deal. I switched from wet food to dry, which made distribution easier. With my out-of-pocket costs lowered, and my process streamlined, I knew that I had to continue helping my community and its four-legged residents. Word spread quickly and my donations grew, allowing me to make deliveries every two weeks to over thirty-five pet owners. Now over one hundred animals are being fed by the PetFoodDude with generous local support!

Helping our community

PetFoodDude is dedicated to helping our community by providing free deliveries to pets who need food.

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Pets need TLC AND calories

We all hate the idea of our beloved pets going hungry, so PetFoodDude is doing what he can to fill those bellies!

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