How PetFoodDude started

In a nutshell as to how this all came together. I had seen a guy on Facebook marketplace who was selling cases of wet cat food for $10 for 24 cans, so I thought that with this covid virus going around and lots of people out of work or unable to get to the store, what if I buy 10 cases and put an ad on one of the oakdale pages that I have cat food to donate to low income seniors who might be having a hard time making ends meet. That lasted about two months and one of my donors asked if I ever thought about doing dog food also. I put out a feeler on Facebook the next day looking for anyone who knew where I could find dog and cat food at a discount price and one of cat food customers knew an amazing resident who runs a local establishment who provided a generous discount on torn bags of dog food, and tractor supply did the same thing so as to lower my out of pocket costs. So I switched from wet food to dry, word got out, donations started getting better and now I make deliveries every 2 weeks to about 35 pet owners!